Meet our Board of Directors

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Julie Hester, Board President


Julie Hester is a co-founder of Crossroads Corral and serves on the board as President. Her professional background has been in Human Resources for over 13 years. The vision of Crossroads Corral came about by her faith and the calling she felt on her heart to utilize horses for the benefit of others. She is a full time volunteer/equine specialist for Crossroads Corral and holds 3 certifications in the work that they do. Julie is also a Seminole County 4-H leader who is passionate about youth development.  Julie’s professional background and passion contributes in the provision of quality council and support for Crossroads Corral’s continued growth. She is dedicated to Crossroads and you can be sure to see her around the farm!


Carroll Woehr, Vice President


Carroll Woehr is a proud mother of two amazing and beautiful daughters, Brooke and Andrea Woehr.  She is a seasoned professional and proven leader that runs a successful Real Estate business with her husband, Doug Woehr.  Together they have over 41 years of combined experience in the Central Florida Real Estate market.  Carroll is most passionate about her faith, family and touching the lives of many.  Her faith, leadership and steadfast commitment allows her to serve her community well.  She is involved with various ministries with Northland Church, including LifeHope, Disaster Response Team, Stephen Ministry, mentoring women and teenagers, bringing hope to the hurting as well as teaching Faith and Finance.  She sits on the Advisory Board at Northland Church.  Carroll is a graduate and loyal supporter of the University of Central Florida.


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Karen Connors, Board Member


Karen Connors has been working in the defense industry, predominantly, since graduating from Virginia Tech (BS Industrial Engineering, ’86).  She attained a Masters in Industrial Engineering from UCF in 1999 and her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2004.  In 2011, she started her own consulting business (Quality Project Control) providing services in business development, project/program management, and process improvement.  As a volunteer/advocate for military veterans in the community, Karen currently serves on the Orlando and Orange County Mayor’s Veterans Advisory Councils,  is on the council for Heroes’ Commons (6 mortgage-free homes for veterans in Orlando), is on the Executive Council for Mission United (a veteran-specific arm of Florida United Way). She is also on the Board of Directors at the University Club and supports several other non-profit organizations.

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David Brim, Marketing Chair


David Brim is a loving husband, marketing consultant, entrepreneur and investor living in Orlando, Florida. In 2017 he founded Orlando Entrepreneurs to connect, cultivate and celebrate our local entrepreneurs. His primary professional skill sets include online lead generation, Software as a Service (SaaS) products, business plan / business model development, and real estate. He is the only two-time winner of the UCF Joust Business Plan Competition, has been featured in one of the most popular entrepreneurship textbooks “Successfully Launching New Ventures“, and has been interviewed on Fox, ABC and CBS about topics such as entrepreneurship and internet marketing. In addition to his board member role at Crossroads Corral, David is also an active mentor for youth and frequently volunteers time to advise startup businesses in Central Florida.

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Stacey Almarode, Board Member


Stacey Almarode holds a master’s degree in accounting and finance, manages the project cost team at Mitsubishi Power and has long been involved in volunteer organizations.  As a mother of two girls, now adults, she led their Daisy, Brownie and Girl Scout troops as well as volunteered with several of their 4H groups.  She also was very involved in their school’s PTA holding various officer positions. Since joining Crossroads, she has completed the certification seminar for Its Family Time – Do Try This at Home and received 24 hours of training in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and is excited to become more deeply involved with the organization.   From cats to rabbits to chickens and now horses, Stacey loves being with all animals.  Outside of work and Crossroads, she loves spending time with her family and new grandson.  She likes spending time outside, be it at the beach or the mountains, loves travel and cruising.

Kathy Wilkes

Kathy Wilkes, Board Member


Kathy Wilkes, a lifelong resident of Volusia County, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with experience working with a range of psychiatric and behavioral problems of children, adults and families. In 2004 she was certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy through EAGALA, and she provided this service part-time at her farm in Lake Helen until recently, working primarily with foster children and at-risk families. Now retired, she has been a volunteer at Crossroads providing therapy for veterans and their families. She also is a Guardian Ad Litem and volunteers for the Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid Florida. In addition, she loves to travel, read, and attend live music concerts with her two grown sons.

Michael Adams, Board Member

Hello, my name is Michael Adams. From a young age, I can’t remember a time when my aspirations of being an advocate for others one day did not exist. Due to extremely repressive and challenging circumstances surrounding my upbringing, I was appointed a young attorney to be my guardian ad litem to ensure my best interests, basic needs and overall wellbeing was handled properly as my parents were unequipped to make sound decisions on my behalf. I watched this young lawyer tirelessly advocate for me and my rights as a child. I admired his knowledge, strength, determination, work ethic and ability to continually advocate for me in my time of need. By the time I turned 8 years old, I knew I would one day be a voice for the less fortunate and was determined to fight for the rights of anyone who is bullied, pushed down or overwhelmed by the tactics, manipulation and control of powerful entities.

Shortly after high school I enlisted in the U.S. Marines where I served on active duty from 1999-2004. During my five years on active duty, I had the privilege of serving in Southern California, Southeast Georgia, and Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

After law school, I served the citizens of Florida as an Assistant Public Defender in Naples. As an APD, I handled cases that ranged from minor criminal traffic infractions to first degree felonies, punishable by life sentences for those who could not afford legal representation. Everyone, regardless of social status, has the same basic rights and I learned how to protect and ensure that people are treated fairly in our justice system.

After serving the wonderful citizens of this great state, I moved to Orlando and spent the 5 years representing large insurance companies. In 2021 I opened my own law firm with my current law partner where we continue to advocate for Florida citizens all throughout the state.

I also proudly serve as a Board of Director for the Harbor House of Central Florida where I am on Executive Committee currently serving as the Secretary. I am also the current Chair for the Orlando Mayor’s Veterans Advisory Council serving our central Florida veterans.

Kelsey Wyatt, Board Member

Kelsey Wyatt, a dedicated financial business analyst and proud alumna of Florida State University, combines her strong analytical skills with a compassionate heart. Despite her demanding career, she finds fulfillment in giving back to her community through volunteering, embodying the spirit of service instilled in her during her university years. Kelsey’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond boardrooms and financial statements, touching the lives of those in need.

Behind her confident professional facade, Kelsey bravely faces the challenges posed by anxiety. She has become an advocate for mental health awareness, openly discussing her own experiences to reduce stigma and provide support to others struggling with similar issues. Spending time at the farm serves as a calming retreat, allowing her to unwind and connect with nature.

Marcela Jativa, Crossroads Corral

Marcela Jativa, Board Member

I’m Marcela, a dedicated pediatrician with a strong commitment to the health and happiness of children. Being a mother to my beautiful daughter, Kamila, has not only enriched my life but has also deepened my understanding of the unique challenges that parents and children face.

My professional journey in pediatrics has been nothing short of fulfilling. The opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of young ones and provide them with the best care possible is a privilege I cherish every day.

Beyond the limits of my medical practice, I describe myself as an animal lover. Horses, in particular, hold a special place in my heart. Their grace and majesty have always captivated me, and I’ve come to appreciate the remarkable ways in which they can aid us in both physical and emotional healing.

It was through my personal journey and growing interest in mental health that I discovered the incredible therapeutic potential of horses. Witnessing firsthand how these gentle giants can help individuals overcome their emotional challenges has been an eye-opening experience. This revelation led me to join Crossroads Corral, where I hope to bridge my expertise as a pediatrician with the profound healing abilities of horses, contributing to the well-being of both children and adults alike.

Laura Chitty, Board Member

I am a grateful mom of three amazing children, an animal lover, and I am passionate about caring for people, especially first responders. I am also proud to be a police officer with twenty years of experience in the law enforcement profession. Part of my time included grant writing and grant management for various law enforcement needs. My career awarded me the opportunity to collaborate with a local government agency’s peer support program where I became certified through UCF Restores REACT training. This allowed me to introduce Crossroads Corral to the agency, and now Crossroads Corral has become a valuable resource for its first responders. I have been volunteering with Crossroads Corral for just over a year, and the horses have made an incredible impact on my overall mental health and wellbeing. I look forward to being a part of Crossroad Corral’s board, and I am excited to bring my experience and knowledge to the team!