Meet our Herd

Some of our horses have been rescued from a traumatic past and are now in their forever home while others are retired show horses that can still work and have a purpose. All of our horses enjoy this work and at our farm, our horses help humans and humans help horses.

2021 Horse Sponsors

We are thankful for the support of our horse sponsors. Your valuable contribution helps support the care and feed of our horses so they can continue to change the lives of those in our community.


Sponsored by

Buddy Partial Sponsors: Sanford Orlando Kennel Club, LTC (US Army Ret) John and Velma Geisinger
Connie Full Sponsor: The Van Gundy Family
Dixie Partial Sponsors: The Siegrist Family/CrossCountry Mortgage & The Sanchez Family
Moose & Gracie Full Sponsor: Col (US Army Ret) Pat and Karen Connors
Rhett Partial Sponsors: Amelia Crepaz; The Almarode Family
Toby Partial Sponsors: Gillman family, The Bonaventura Family
Summer Partial Sponsors: Duke Energy, Orlando Health