Happy Holidays: Help Support our Herd

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Youth Therapy Senior Horses Supplements Woman In Crisis Veteran Or First Responder Therapy Hoof Care Veterinarian Fund Barn Supplies Equine Assisted Learning Horse Spa Treats For The Herd Buddy Connie Dixie Toby Rhett Summer Moose Gracie Emmie the cat

Youth Therapy

rhett and girls 2018
Youth who have suffered trauma, abuse, and, or neglect excel in our program and look forward to coming to therapy. Many have insurance such as Medicaid or no insurance that doesn’t cover mental health services, and families are often in financial hardship. $150 sponsors one session. Our clients typically graduate after 6 or 8 sessions.
Suggested Donation: $150


Senior Horses Supplements

smartpak supplements

Most of our therapy horses are older and require supplements to help them with arthritis and other issues that keep them healthy and at their best for our clients and themselves! Donating towards our supplement costs is giving directly to the health of our horses.

Suggested Donation: $107


Veteran Or First Responder

Veteran Pic

Veterans and First Responders suffering from PTSD benefit greatly from our program because putting trauma into words is hard, and we don’t necessarily ask our clients to do that. Conducting therapeutic activities with our horses while following a specific curriculum helps Veterans and First Responders to learn their behavior patterns, coping skills, and so much more. $150 covers one session. Our clients typically graduate after 6 or 8 sessions.
Suggested Donation: $150


Woman In Crisis

woman in crisis
Women who have suffered trauma, abuse, anxiety, and depression do very well in our program. Women are nurturing by nature, and the relationship built with the horses during sessions helps them heal. $150 covers one session, and our clients typically graduate after 6 or 8 sessions.
Suggested Donation: $150


Hoof Care

Did you know that every six weeks, we have to have a professional farrier come to trim our horse’s feet and re-set their shoes (for those that need them)? Also, we also put daily hoof treatments on the horses because Florida weather is not kind on hooves. If a horse’s hoof breaks down, the horse has some extreme pain and problems! Giving to this need is extremely important for our horses.
Suggested Donation: $330


Horse Spa

Horse spa

Who doesn’t deserve a SPA DAY when you work hard? Our horses work so hard to help others, and they deserve some pampering from time to time. Please help us to make sure we have the products we need to ensure they get their pampering.
Suggested Donation: $100


Veterinarian Fund

buddy Vet

In addition to the typical annual shots our horses need to stay healthy, we always have to be prepared to have wound care supplies on hand and extra money for emergencies. Horses are incredibly intelligent, but they are prone to get hurt! Giving to this need helps us ensure we can always provide what our horses need for their veterinary care.
Suggested Donation: $1,000


Equine Assisted Learning

Our EAL program focuses on life skills such as communication, leadership, trust, etc., and is conducted by our Certified Equine Specialists. This is an essential aspect of our program and is impactful for youth and adults. $50 provides one session for a client, and they typically graduate after 6 sessions.
Suggested Donation: $50


Treats For The Herd

Horse treats
Our horses certainly deserve to be spoiled with some treats! Our clients also love to give the horses a treat at the end of the sessions. Please help us always to ensure we have enough treats on hand for the herd!
Suggested Donation: $25


Barn Supplies


From fly spray for the horses to pitchforks for cleaning stalls, we need many supplies to operate our barn! Donating towards this cause helps us purchase items required, and no amount is too big or too small!
Suggested Donation: $475



Buddy - Holidays
Buddy was rescued when he was 3 years old from the racetrack in Ocala. He is a thoroughbred and extremely popular amongst our Veteran clients. Being a thoroughbred, he is extremely hypervigilant and is always looking out for the herd. He is now 17 years old and has helped change the lives of many.
Suggested Donation: $50



Connie - Holidays
This mare is our oldest horse at 29 years “young.” She is so strong and has had an impact on so many. She seems especially drawn to mothers, which has always been fascinating to us, as she too has been a mother. Connie is your typical mare where she will honestly tell you what she is thinking, which is what our clients need. She is an inspiration to our clients. At her age, she holds her head up high and has SO much to offer!
Suggested Donation: $50



dixie holiday

Dixie was rescued from a kill pen in Texas and brought to Florida. The young gal who saved her then needed to re-home her, and Julie brought Dixie in with open arms. She has suffered a lot of trauma in her life, and her experiences have also helped many clients. Just as people with PTSD, Dixie is always working through her past. Many of our clients with trauma and PTSD are drawn to work with her.
Suggested Donation: $50



toby holiday2020
Toby is said to be our “labrador” of horses. He is so gentle and kind and worked with clients as young as 7 years old. Toby will stand all day and let you groom and love on him, and in sessions, if you are not serious about the work you are doing, he will stand there until you are ready to work! He knows when our clients need someone to lean on while talking about something really difficult or when to push our clients to dig deep and work hard. He is a gentle soul and loved by many.
Suggested Donation: $50



Rhett Holiday
Our barn “jokester” is always keeping our volunteers and clients on their toes. He is extremely successful in pushing clients out of their comfort zone and teaching clients the importance of boundaries. He will challenge our clients to learn to be assertive. He will help teach leadership, and he will surely make you laugh at some point. If you don’t gain his respect, he will continue to challenge you. Rhett brings excellent lessons to our clients.
Suggested Donation: $50



Summer - Holidays
This beautiful mare is one of our largest horses, which automatically helps clients build confidence while working with her. She is incredibly smart and loving. She is a hypervigilant horse, always aware of her surroundings, which many clients can relate to. She captures client’s attention with her beauty, and she is so gentle during sessions.
Suggested Donation: $50



Moose Holiday 2020
This guy was our first miniature horse. We brought him home to have some options for our clients who were afraid of the larger horses. He has been such an incredible addition to our herd. Our clients and volunteers love him. He is incredibly smart and will challenge you (in a good way). He is adorable, and our clients and volunteers love grooming him and playing with his mane. He will stand politely for folks to love on him, and he works hard in therapy sessions too!
Suggested Donation: $50



gracie holiday2020
This little mare is Moose’s best bud and also a great challenger for our clients. She is also incredibly smart and will make sure you are working hard to make her work. What a great lesson in life! Her personality is fun and sassy at times, and she has helped so many clients.
Suggested Donation: $50


Emmie The Cat

Every barn needs a barn cat! Our Emmie is so loved by all and also helps to keep the rodents down around the farm! She was rescued and has fully embraced her home with us!
Suggested Donation: $20