Horses- Just What the Doctor Ordered (Guest Post by Dr. Fasula)

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Horses- Just What the Doctor Ordered (Guest Post by Dr. Fasula)

Dr. Fasula reflects on her work in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and her experience with her clients at Crossroads Corral: As a clinical psychologist and horse enthusiast that is EAGALA certified, I started a private practice in downtown Chicago focusing on psychotherapy and neurofeedback, while also offering clients Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.  Although many of my Chicago… Read More


Youth and Horses- Why it Works

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Youth and Horses- Why it Works

Our team has experience working with youth who are involved in the Department of Juvenile Justice system as well as youth who are “at risk” of offending and becoming involved in the DJJ. We also work with youth who are having trouble in school or struggling with behavioral outbursts at home. No matter the background… Read More


2016 – A Year of Impact and Growth

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2016 - A Year of Impact and Growth

When reflecting on 2016, which is only year two of our organization, one word comes to mind: THANKFUL. We are thankful to have a passionate board of directors, committed volunteers, loving and giving donors who believe in making a difference, the Foundations who believe in our mission and provided us with our first generous grants,… Read More


Have you “HERD”??

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Have you "HERD"??

At Crossroads Corral we are extremely passionate about giving to others and helping them to heal and grow through horses. We have been blessed with wonderful volunteers and clients who have walked through our gates and into our hearts. Please take a look at what people are saying about our organization.