Crossroads Corral is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization based in Central Florida that provides Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning activities for active military members and veterans who suffer from PTSD, as well as youth and women who have suffered trauma, abuse and neglect.

Our mission is to promote personal growth, hope and healing through horses.

The Founders

Lindsay and Julie are two women with the same dream…to change lives through the use of horses.

Lindsay Brim (Executive Director)

lindsay-brim-co-founderexecutive-director-crossroadscorral2016Lindsay Brim has two passions in life; horses and helping people. Horses have been an extremely important part of her life since she was eight years old. Her first job was cleaning stalls and taking care of 20 horses for free riding lessons as a young girl. Today, Lindsay owns 5 horses that she has loved, cared for and trained. She especially enjoys trail riding and going to horse shows every now and then.  Lindsay has always been passionate about helping others. She has a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant and has spent many years working directly with patients to improve their quality of life, both physically and emotionally. She was also heavily involved in the Pennsylvania 4-H program as a member, volunteer and acted as a camp counselor and mentor with teens for many years. Today, Lindsay is a Seminole County 4-H leader. One of Lindsay’s favorite quotes is “Horses carry the Wisdom of healing in their hearts and offer it to any humans who possess the humility to listen”- unknown.

Julie Hester (Board President)

Julie Hester’s heart has always been focused on youth and horses. Since she was a teenager she had a calling to be led into youth ministry. She grew up participating in 4-H and learned the importance of Head, Heart, Health and Hands and how it can impact the community and world around her. After graduating, she came back and served as a Seminole County 4-H club leader and has continued to volunteer at 4-H for over 15 years. Julie has seen first-hand how interactions with horses have made a difference in youth development and in the building of life skills. Over the past 20 years she has gained experience in barn management, equine nutrition, horse transporting, working with problem horses and instructing youth to young adults in horsemanship and competitive riding. As well as owning and operating her own personal equine facility, she currently owns 6 horses which she has loved, cared for, and trained for over 10 years. She has had the privilege of working with dozens of riders, some of which she has assisted from age 10 through high school graduation, college and beyond. She believes in investing in lives more than anything else.


Julie Hester and Lindsay Brim - Crossroads CorralThe seed of inspiration to begin Crossroads Corral was planted in the heart of Julie Hester. Julie, experienced in horsemanship and youth ministry, realized that she needed help to bring her vision into  existence. She teamed up with Lindsay Brim, an experienced business professional with a passion for horses and helping others to gallop down the path with her.

Julie and Lindsay received advanced training and earned professional certifications in equine assisted learning (EAL) and equine assisted pyschotherapy (EAP) in late 2014.

The two then co-founded Crossroads Corral in December 2014 and quickly gained speed.

Crossroads Corral opened their gates in April 2015.

To learn more about Crossroads Corral, get involved, or sign up for a session, contact us today.


Helping people heal and grow through horses

Girl and Toby - Crossroads CorralIndividuals can participate in one session, or work through our recommended 4-8 week session curriculum. During each session, participants work with trained facilitators and horses to complete a series of experiential exercises designed to help them achieve meaningful results.

Participants can expect to build skills such as:

  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Decision Making
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Leadership
  • And more.

Sessions are typically 45-60 minutes depending on the exercises and goals of the session. Learn more about our programs or Contact us to book your session today.

What people are saying

Crossroads Corral offers a wonderful opportunity for healing and growth for those trying to cope with life’s challenges, both past and present. The staff are welcoming, compassionate, and dedicated to helping others, but best of all they understand the power of the horse in their mission. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with years of office experience, I see that this is more than typical counseling. These humans and horses are a team that facilitate awareness and change via experience. Keep up the good work, Crossroads Corral!

– Kathy Wilkes, Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor/Volunteer at Crossroads Corral

Crossroads Corral changes lives….there is simply no greater truth than that. Lindsay Brim, Julie Hester, and the entire Crossroads staff are truly Angels walking among us. Their programs specializing in equine assisted therapy personal development have truly changed the lives of my Brother and Sisters in Arms as well as many local youth.

john-and-crossroadsCrossroads Corral’s unique ability to not only utilize their beautiful grounds to offer a peaceful and serene setting in which to step away from the daily grind of life but also animals with a truly unique method of breaking down barriers amongst even the most closed minded of us.

I have personally witnessed the healing of several Wounded Warriors who though highly hesitant of accepting the methodology of equine assisted therapy now are among the Corral’s most vocal supporters because they have experienced the healing and breakthrough of equine therapy.

I listen to the stories of the therapy these veterans receive and how huge of an impact it has had on their lives. Suffering from numerous wounds both visible and invisible, physical and mental, all who enter into the therapy with even the hint of an open mind see growth and progress in healing beyond anything they could have imagined.

Thank you Lindsay, Julie, and the entire staff of Crossroads Corral, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt you have greatly increased my personal quality of life as well as those of many of my Brothers and Sisters. There are truly no words that can express my gratitude. God Bless you all and I look forward to continuing our partnership and my own personal healing through Crossroads Corral.

Very Respectfully,
– John Sanders, Veteran


My family was introduced to Crossroads through Wounded Warrior Project and fellow veterans. We took our three girls out to look around and fell in love with the horses and the people! My husband has recently started Equine Therapy at Crossroads and it is a much different experience than either of us are used to with traditional therapies. He is not withdrawn and closed off when he is done. They take his physical limitations from time in the service into consideration with the therapies he is doing. Our children and I can walk around and visit the beautiful horses and have a nice break from the chaos that is life with an injured service member. Crossroads has provided an outlet I did not even know my family needed, and for that we are eternally grateful.

– Heather L., Wife of Veteran Participant